Destin Transportation

Are you looking for a way to get around town? If so, there are a few Destin transportation options available.

Most vacationers in Destin drive their own vehicle, but not everyone lives within a reasonable driving distance. Even if you do have your own vehicle you may still want to rent a Destin Limo so you and your family, or group of friends, can ride around in style without the worries of trying to find enough room for everybody.

During the summer months traffic on HWY 98 can be heavy with both tourists and locals. With all the great Destin shopping and Destin restaurants traffic is sometimes hectic with people trying to get on and off HWY 98.

Destin Sunshine Shuttle

Often there are impatient motorists that pull out onto 98 when they shouldn't. Be mindful of that and drive safely.

There are other transportation services in Destin besides renting a limo. You can call a taxi or use one of the many shuttle services that various resorts and condominiums provide for their guests.

Destin Taxi Service
Call one of these taxi services for a lift.

American Cab Company (850) 269-1977
Black & Gold Taxi (850) 243-9779
Destin Taxi (850) 654-5700

If you don't have far to go, you may just want to walk or visit one of the bicycle shops in Destin to rent some bikes for the family. You won't have to deal with the potentially heavy traffic, and it's a great way to get a little exercise and enjoy the scenery.

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