Weather In Destin Florida

The weather in Destin Florida shouldn't be drastically different during the changing seasons, but you never can predict it perfectly.

The weather on the Emerald Coast is generally good throughout the entire year with the spring and fall months offering some of the more temperate weather.

I've vacationed in Destin during each of the four seasons and spring and fall are my favorite times to visit.

When I lived there during the summer the weather was usually beautiful but sometimes the temperatures can rise pretty high during the day.

Nothing beats the warm comfort of the breezy warm evenings and nights in Destin though. I've sat out on the balcony or beach many nights and enjoyed the breeze coming in off the gulf.

During my visits to Destin around Christmas and New Years the weather has generally been somewhat chilly, but it's not uncommon for the days to be just as pretty and comfortably warm as any other time during the year.

Having been out on the beach a few times during the months of December and January I can tell you that a lot of times it felt like a nice spring day. Just be sure to wear some sunscreen as the mild temperatures can deceive you into thinking you aren't getting as much sun.

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